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Treatment for falling hair

Treatment for falling hair

Treatment for falling Hair Procedure

1) Comb out your hair gently to remove tangles.
2) Brush hair carefully foe 3- minutes without tugging the hair.
3) Use arnica oil.
4) Perform scalp manipulation very gently.
5) Wash hair with a very mild shampoo.
6) Towel dry hair and style your hair. Read the rest of this entry »

Hair masks for dry hair

Hair masks for dry hair

If your hair is dry and has lost its luster, a nourishing hair mask made from healthy ingredients from your kitchen will restore your hair to health. Combine a variety of wholesome foods such as yogurt, cream, avocado, honey and nourishing oils to create a mask that will moisturize and hydrate your hair. Increase the benefits of your dry hair mask by adding great-smelling essential oils. The result will be shiny, manageable hair.

Homemade hair masks for dry hair

Homemade banana hair mask for dry hair

To give some vitality to dry locks, we recommend a homemade hair treatment, which preparation is easy with ingredients that we all usually have at home, acts quickly, and the result is a silky, shiny and hydrated mane:
Mix well a mashed ripe banana with a tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of sunflower oil.

Apply the mask to dry hair and leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and wash your hair as usual. Read the rest of this entry »

Hair Damage Treatment

Hair Damage Treatment

Many women are dismayed to see hair falling out in clumps, either following childbirth, during or after menopause or due to other causes. While some daily hair loss is normal, thinning hair and partial baldness is a frightening prospect for women. What causes hair loss in women and what natural treatments are available that are not chemically based or dangerous to health?

Is hair loss normal?

Everyone loses some hair every day. Losing up to 100 hairs a day is normal.

But if hair loss runs in your family, you could lose a lot more hair. With this kind of hair loss, you may end up with bald spots if you are a man. If you are a woman, you may find that the hair on the top of your head is slowly thinning. About half of all people have this type of hair loss by around age 50.

Other factors, such as diseases and medicines, also can cause you to lose more hair than normal.

Although hair loss is fairly common, it can be a tough thing to live with, especially when it changes how you look. But there are ways of Hair Damage Treatment. Read the rest of this entry »

Mayonnaise hair treatment

Mayonnaise hair treatment

The first reaction of the women suffering from dry, damaged hair and other hair problems is to opt for expensive shampoos and conditioners that are marketed as being the best products for your hair. Unfortunately this is far from the truth as the harsh chemicals in these products aggravate your hair problems even more. They strip the hair off their shine and luster making them increasingly prone to breakage. The best option for women in this case is to opt for a natural hair treatment.

One of the most popular choices for women is the use of mayonnaise, a natural moisturizing agent that can restore the sheen to your hair.

The main benefit of mayonnaise hair treatment is its conditioning properties. The thick mayonnaise when applied to the hair forms a protective barrier on the damaged hair cuticles and repairs it. This is thus a boon for people with dry frizzy hair who have to constantly battle with problems of split ends. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair

Best Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair

If you have oily hair, it likely has very little to do with your personal grooming habits, but actually more to do with your ethnic background.

The truth is, people with naturally straight hair, such as persons of Asian, Scandinavian or Latino decent, are much more likely to have an oily scalp than someone who is African American. Straight hair transports the oil from the scalp to the hair much more quickly than curly, coarse hair. That’s the scientific explanation why – no matter how hard you try – you look and feel grungy most of the day, because of an oily scalp. What is the best hair products for damaged hair?

But the “why” of oily hair really doesn’t matter when it’s your problem. If you find it’s a daily exercise in futility just trying to keep your hair looking fresh and clean – it’s time to take some action.

Fortunately, there are some at-home natural treatments you can try, as well as a few commercial products on the market, that offer real solutions to controlling an oily scalp. What is best dry shampoo for oily hair? Read the rest of this entry »

Best hair products for damaged hair

Best hair products for damaged hair

What’s the best way to fix damaged hair?

Caring for damaged hair requires a blend of good quality products to revive, protect, moisturise, add shine and to repair the hair strands and damage caused by heat, relaxers or colouring products. It is similar to dry hair, but it just requires a more intense treatment to repair the hair not just moisture and hydrate it. But what are the best hair products for damaged hair? Here are the best hair care products that you should have to care for damaged hair. Read the rest of this entry »