Is keratin hair treatment safe?

Is keratin hair treatment safe?

Is keratin hair treatment safe?

You may be skeptical of whether or not you should get the Keratin Treatment. The truth is, some Keratin Treatments are safe while others are not. The Brazilian Keratin Treatments (BK T) has an ingredient, formaldehyde, which is a very harmful cancer causing agent.
However, some Keratin Treatments don’t have formaldehyde at all, but if it doesn’t, your hair will be back to normal after just 1 wash.Some brands use the harmful formaldehyde in their Keratin Treatments, because it helps keep your hair straight even longer than if it didn’t include the formaldehyde. That way, they can increase the price. The problem is, some brands (like BK T) that use formaldehyde, claim that you will get smooth, silky hair using Keratin (which is a very vital nutrient for your hair). The thing is, BK T’s product wouldn’t have been nearly as effective if the ingredient formaldehyde wasn’t included.However, Keratin Treatments WITHOUT THE FORMALDEHYDE DO EXIST – please look here and here! Keratin is really good for your hair, so Keratin Treatments would be good to use for your hair. Just make sure that when you get it done, check the label to see if it includes formaldehyde. If it includes formaldehyde, don’t do it! The long term affects would just be bad. After 4 months, your hair will end up worse that it was before you got the treatment, and you can get cancer.

Formaldehyde is toxic.

The chemical can cause immediate, short-term irritation of the eyes, skin, and upper respiratory tract. The longer-term risks of exposure are more troubling: The Environmental Protection Agency and federal OSHA classify formaldehyde as a suspected human carcinogen because of its links to nasal cancer and leukemia; the International Agency for Research on Cancer considers it a known human carcinogen. “I would not recommend use of any product containing formaldehyde,” says Martyn Smith, PhD, a toxicologist at the University of California at Berkeley. “All products containing it should be banned.”

Are Keratin Hair Treatments Safe for Pregnant Women?

“Testing has not been done on this, so Brazilian Blowout suggests waiting until you are done nursing before having the treatment done. Jordana Lorraine and Dino Clark Salon take this advice and your baby’s health seriously, and extend this precaution to all keratin treatments.” I wish I had better news for you in this situation. My advice would be to explore styling techniques that will compliment the mixed texture…headbands, scarves, braids and updos

There is good news however, for those of you who get perms and end up with one you just don’t like! Jordana explained that, “A keratin treatment can definitely be done over a perm. It would condition, smooth and strengthen; though the straightening results could be unpredictable, it would definitely help chill it out and make it more blendable!” So, as long as you are not pregnant or nursing, go ahead and get a Brazilian Blowout, or keratin treatment of your choice, to counteract that bad perm!

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