Best hair products for damaged hair

Best hair products for damaged hair

What’s the best way to fix damaged hair?

Caring for damaged hair requires a blend of good quality products to revive, protect, moisturise, add shine and to repair the hair strands and damage caused by heat, relaxers or colouring products. It is similar to dry hair, but it just requires a more intense treatment to repair the hair not just moisture and hydrate it. But what are the best hair products for damaged hair? Here are the best hair care products that you should have to care for damaged hair.

Hair Mask

What is the best hair mask for damaged hair? For hydration and protection, hair masks should be used once or twice a week for damaged hair. This will repair and protect the hair, reviving it. Always invest in a good quality hair mask so it will do the job properly, a good quality hair mask for a decent price is The Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Moisture mask which you can purchase from the website or in store.

L’Oreal Nature’s Therapy Mega Moisture Hair Treatment

Mega Moisture – softens and revitalizes very dry, chemically processed hair.
This is perfect for people who use harsh chemicals to dye their hair, or straighten it a lot. The formula is made strong, to combat dryness and broken hairs, and you can use shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment to make sure your hair is fully protected. It is quite thick, but it has a nice smell and it works!

Leave In Conditioner

Damaged hair should be cared for in between washes, a leave in conditioner will protect the hair and restore moisture and add shine. Keraste or Aussie will stock good leave in conditioners for damaged hair. Use a small amount and distribute evenly throughout the hair as not to weight it down and only to protect, moisturise and to add shine.

Infusium Conditioner

Conditions hair to provide softness, manageability and shine. This is an amazing range, containing frizzology, colourology, repairology, volumology, and moisturology. Each range contains a shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment and spray treatment, and they all smell divine. Leaving the conditioner on for five minutes is recommended, to allow it to penetrate the hair, but even after just a few minutes hair is left soft, shiny and refreshed.

Kerastase Oleo Relax

Restores vitality, shine and lightness to fine hair that is also very dry and sensitized. This is one of the best moisturizing hair conditioners I’ve ever tried, it’s so great for repairing dry or damaged hair. It smells fresh and lovely, and makes your hair silky soft right after the first application! It says you should leave it on for 3-5 minutes, but I usually leave it for about 10 minutes to get the best results. No matter how dry your hair feels, after this conditioner it will become baby soft and you won’t be able to stop touching it! The only downhill of this conditioner is that after about 2 months you should stop using it every time you wash your hair, and instead use it as hair mask once a week. Otherwise, it will start weighting down your hair. That’s what my stylist told me. But no worries, once you are through with the jar, you will not need any intensive hair conditioners and you’ll be able to switch to something neutral for normal hair. Yay!

Repair Creams

One must have for damaged hair is a good quality intensive repair cream. Choose a brand such as Kerastase which will deliver you hair salon result. Leave the repair cream for as long as it says on the instructions. A good quality repair cream will restore shine, hydrate, protect and repair the ends of your hair. After using it you will see a difference within the first treatment and with continuous use you will see an improvement in your hair.

Hydrating Conditioner

Damaged hair needs a lot of care, so make sure you invest in a conditioner that will hydrate, moisturise and protect your hair. Always leave in conditioner for 5 – 10 minutes with damages hair so the moisturising conditioner can do its job. Invest in a conditioner that will hydrate your hair. A few examples are the Redken All soft Heavy Cream, The Body Shop Honey Moisturising and one from Aussie.

In addition, damaged hair needs to be handled with care, so when washing use a shampoo that is suited for dry hair, The Body Shop Honey shampoo is an excellent one for dry or damaged hair. Do not over wash damaged hair as it is very brittle; wash it around 2 or less per week and care for it more.